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Elderly Treatment and Choosing a Care Facility

When you need a New Jersey nursing home neglect attorney, the law firm of Lance Brown & Associates can provide you with an experienced trial lawyer who can effectively advocate for your needs and make sure you are receiving the proper level of care with dignity and respect. Our office helps people throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania who have been victims of nursing home neglect or abuse.

How the elderly should be treated by nursing home professionals

The New Jersey legislature has adopted a Nursing Home Residents’ Bill of Rights that guarantees the highest practical degree of autonomy to every resident of a nursing home. The law, found at 30:13-5 of New Jersey statutes, explicitly states more than a dozen rights of New Jersey nursing home residents, including:

  • The right to manage one’s own financial affairs
  • The right to wear one’s own clothing
  • The right to retain and use personal property
  • The right to receive and send unopened correspondence
  • The right to use the telephone in private
  • The right to have personal visitation and unrestricted communications
  • The right to present grievances or complaints
  • The right to considerate and respectful care that recognizes the dignity and individuality of the resident

These rights are not absolute, however, and many have qualifying language that might allow a nursing home to get around the rules. If you feel your rights are being violated, talk to an experienced New Jersey nursing home neglect attorney who can make sure you are getting the quality of care you need and deserve.

How do I choose a nursing home or elder long-term care facility?

The first step in choosing a nursing home is to make sure you talk with your doctor and understand your needs for long-term care and choose the right type of facility. For instance, there are important differences between a skilled nursing facility and a residential living facility or assisted living facility.

Next, find out about the nursing homes in your area. The best facility for your needs may not be close by, but being near family and friends may be an important factor to consider. Information on nursing homes can be found at the New Jersey Department of Health as well as Nursing Home Compare at the Medicare website. These services can help you determine whether nursing home neglect is a chronic concern in a particular facility. You can also ask an experienced New Jersey nursing home neglect attorney, who may have specific experience with or knowledge of different facilities. If you plan to participate in Medicare or Medicaid to help with the costs, be sure the facility is certified for that purpose.

Once you have a short list of potential facilities, visit them in person, and bring along a trusted friend or family member. Tour the facility, and talk with the staff and other residents to see if the facility can meet your needs and whether you feel you will be comfortable there.

Experienced Attorney for Your New Jersey Nursing Home Neglect Matter

If you are experiencing problems at a nursing home or other long-term care facility that are not being addressed and fixed by nursing home staff or agency intervention, contact Lance Brown & Associates for help from an experienced New Jersey nursing home neglect attorney who can stand up for your rights and make sure you are treated with the proper care and attention.

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