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Experienced New Jersey Criminal Defense and Municipal Court Attorney

As a former prosecutor for several New Jersey townships and a long-time criminal defense attorney, Lance Brown has appeared in courts in almost every county throughout New Jersey. He has defended individuals in all types of matters from traffic tickets to murder and has experience at the township, state and federal levels. Whether you find yourself in Municipal Court or Superior Court, Lance Brown & Associates can provide aggressive, effective representation to help you get the best possible result in your situation.

Municipal and Superior Courts in New Jersey

The municipal courts hear motor vehicle and traffic violations, ordinance violations, and various disorderly persons offenses. Since Driving Under the Influence is classified as a motor vehicle or traffic offense, DUI cases are heard in municipal court as well. Some juvenile offenses are also handled by these courts. Indictable offenses, on the other hand, are heard in Superior Court. These offenses include drug charges, assault, theft and property offenses, sexual assault and rape, homicide and murder.

Municipal court cases are heard by the judge alone without a jury, and you can be sentenced to up to six months in prison if convicted. Superior court cases start out in municipal court as well. It is in municipal court where a probable cause determination is made, bail is set in applicable cases, and preliminary arraignments are held. A complaint that passes through these stages is sent through the county prosecutor to the Grand Jury where an indictment may be issued, eventually leading to a trial in Superior Court.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation with Your New Jersey Criminal Case

It is very important to be adequately represented at the Municipal Court stage, because some indictable charges can be downgraded to disorderly persons offenses and heard in the municipal court rather than being sent on to Superior Court. Regardless of the charge, Lance Brown dedicates himself to protecting your rights and fighting hard to get the best possible result, from negotiating a favorable plea or diversion program, to providing a vigorous defense to get the charges dismissed or obtain a not guilty verdict. In New Jersey, contact Lance Brown & Associates for experienced and effective criminal defense.

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