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Attorneys Representing Victims of Dangerous and Defective Drugs

The attorneys at Lance Brown & Associates represent people in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania who have been harmed by dangerous or defective drugs, or from medicines that were improperly prescribed by doctors or negligently filled by the pharmacist. Our experienced personal injury lawyers are not afraid to stand up to the pharmaceutical giants and hold them accountable when they put profits ahead of people.

Pharmaceutical Products Liability

Like other manufacturers, drug companies are responsible for injuries that occur because they allowed a defective product to enter the marketplace. Ideally, new drugs are rigorously tested and approved before they are brought to market. Unfortunately, in the pharmaceutical industry, billions of dollars are at stake, and there is tremendous pressure to be the first one to release the next blockbuster drug. Drugs may not be tested thoroughly enough and may sometimes be rushed through the FDA approval process without due regard for patient safety.

Another danger is of drugs being prescribed for uses they were never approved for. This kind of “off-label” use is often much more lucrative than the original intended purposes of the drug, such as when a drug developed to treat a fairly uncommon condition is found to also work wonders as a diet pill or to prevent hair loss. Such drugs are then heavily marketed for their off-label uses, and only later is the drug found to cause serious adverse effects in the general population.

Pharmacist Malpractice

Besides the dangers of defective drugs, there is also the harm that comes from prescribing the wrong drug or wrong dosage, prescribing a drug that interferes with the other medications a person is taking, or failing to obtain informed consent, including explaining the side effects of a drug and giving adequate warnings and instructions about how to take the drug safely.

It is not only doctors who can make those medical mistakes. Like doctors, pharmacists owe a duty to patients which requires them to consult with the prescribing physician in order to avoid errors. Pharmacists are under a legal duty to review a prescription before filling it and to check for potential problems such as drug allergies and interactions with other medicines the person is taking.

Seek Experienced Legal Representation with Your Pharmaceutical Litigation Claim

Lance Brown has been involved in medical malpractice and pharmaceutical litigation throughout his career as a personal injury lawyer in New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. We understand the complexities and difficulties cases like these present, but we also know the positive impact for our clients and on society as a whole that such important litigation can bring about. If you believe that you or a family member has been harmed by a dangerous or defective drug, or that the wrong medicine was prescribed for you, please call Lance Brown & Associates to speak with an attorney qualified and experienced in pharmaceutical litigation.

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